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FeedManage.com is a full-service data feed solution that helps users list, optimize, and organize their product data across hundreds of eCommerce channels.

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Why Choose FeedManage As Your Feed Aggregation Partner?

  • All file formats and eCommerce platforms are supported.
  • Create a feed from any custom website through FeedManage.com’s crawling.
  • Monitor and manage thousands of feeds in a simple, unified dashboard.
  • Process millions of SKUs in only seconds.

How FeedManage.com Works

Easily Pull And Transfer Data

We can easily pull products from any shopping platform, feed file, or custom site. This saves users time and creates consistency across feeds.

List Products Everywhere

We optimize product data with our powerful platform and automatically get products listed on hundreds of different search, social, affiliate, and marketplace channels.


Understand Raw And Optimized Data

FeedManage.com presents data to be easily viewable and understandable to its users. This quick and effective process allows users to truly optimize their data.

Easily Test And Compare

Users can constantly A/B test with FeedManage.com and automatically compare your Google Shopping feed to actual converted search terms. Users can rework their feed strategies in real-time by seeing missing words for titles and descriptions.

Evaluate Feed Performance

FeedManage.com analyzes your entire feed for opportunities to improve by checking for errors.

Receive Notifications

FeedManage.com notifications allow users to receive Google Merchant Center (GMC) errors and warnings. Resolving GMC errors can prevent users from losing thousands in potential revenue. Unresolved GMC errors and disapprovals can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue per day. In addition, alerts are capable of being imported and exported.

Types of FeedManage.com Feeds

Department Stores

Automotive Dealerships

Real Estate Listings

Job Boards

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