Why do marketers love Contextual Targeting?

Contextual Targeting provides multiple benefits to companies looking to find their target audiences in the right way.

First-party commerce data

Contextual shares a great rapport with advertisers and publishers alike, which means we possess extensive transactional data for URLs in our network.

Future-proof Hub

With Contextual, you can now deliver ads with relevant recommendations and transactions associated with URLs without relying on any third-party cookies.

Brand Safety

Keep your brand safe with our services, so you can focus more on scaling your communication with audiences in a relevant and suitable environment.

Measurable performance insights

Our specialists will help you understand the step-by-step impact of Contextual Ad campaigns on your business with full-funnel reports from start to finish.

How does Contextual Targeting work?

Analyzing web pages for Contextual signals

Through Semantic Logic, we look at traditional contextual signals coming from URLs, category levels, text, and even images to understand the relevance of every web page.

Incorporating signals through first-party data

We then analyze the first-party data of your existing audiences to understand their interests and preferences. With this information, our specialists craft relevant Ads that the audiences want to see.

Displaying cookie-less Ads that are contextually relevant

Finally, we combine the relevancy of the web pages with product affinity using the first-party data to display cookie-less Ads that your audiences want to see.

What does Contextual offer?

Right people at the right time

Contextual’s commerce data sets combine first-party data with traditional contextual signals to give you the right audiences at the right time, without relying on third-party cookies.

Data-driven growth

Contextual Targeting helps reduce inefficiencies by using interests and affinities together to drive more conversions.

Increased sales

Relevancy in targeting and Ads ensure your campaigns reach the right places to provide you with the sales outcome you are looking for.

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