Understand audiences like never before

Understand audience intent through Intelligent Search Data on completely owned and operated properties. Benchmark the findings and measure them against what is happening across a larger marketing landscape.

Get more insights into audiences by gathering global visibility into the latest market trends, audience data insights, and intent. Get new opportunities as a publisher to benchmark against audience profiles, brands, and domains from your own network. With this knowledge at your disposal, you, as a publisher, can better implement the segmentation strategies to monetize your audiences scalably.

Multiplying revenues in a new way

Unleash a new way to reach the pinnacles of revenue streams by tapping fresh audiences and substantiating onsite audience intent.

Understand audiences correctly and gain real-time insights that cannot be found anywhere else to help you create long-lasting relationships with buyers. With Contextual’s Search Intelligence Tool, new demand sources are revealed that help you deliver consistently to maximize your overall yield.

Discover a new editorial strategy

Capture the attention of your audiences with the right content. Give them something they care about by tapping into extensive search trends.

Vividly analyzing the content consumption behavior helps editors get to the heart of their audiences, understanding what they want and when they want it. This helps align content strategies with audiences’ needs, enabling organizations to stand out amongst their competitors. In the long run, this not only helps build trust and audience loyalty but also helps to monetize subscribers.

Tap into the power of voice technology

Tap into the realm of voice technology with Contextual Targeting to gain conversations, engagement, and conversions.

Deliver voice navigation capabilities with Contextual’s one-of-a-kind technology and lead your brand toward the future of voice! Publishers, get ready to lead your brand toward a behavioral shift and gain better insights with accurate and direct visual responses on site.

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