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Stop being enslaved by keywords and whitelists. Our Contextual tech will help place your Ads in relevant, premium spaces and preserve your brand safety. We will help you place Ads where your audiences are most likely to view them - images, videos, CTV, Addressable TV, Native, or Display; our ad formats are designed with the enhanced user experience in mind.

Our Contextual Intelligence Tech helps scan images, text, audio, and video to garner a human-like understanding of your audiences, the insights of which will be used to execute contextually relevant Ads on various platforms across the open web.

The One-Stop-Solution For All Your Advertising Needs!

For Advertisers

Shine Light On Your Brand With Contextual Intelligence

With our Search Intelligence Technology, find a safe, relevant, and extremely precise environment for your brand, as we scan all text and images.

For Publishers

Drive More Revenue With Contextual Intelligence

Harness the prowess of our Search Intelligence Technology and natural language processing to unlock the revenue potential that your web, video, or app-based content deserves.

Power Programmatic Made Easy

Qualitative and performance-enhancing Programmatic Optimization integrated across major DSPs, pre-bid segments can be easily activated for all kinds of media buying. Contextual also offers solutions for fraud, brand safety, suitability, viewability, and contextual targeting. You can easily avail and leverage the power of our trusted data to enhance the effectiveness and efficacy of your Ad campaigns.

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