Search Intelligence Data Cloud is the future

Why? Because only fresh data can do the job!

Privacy-compliant first-party data

Privacy compliant first-party data with consented search intent that is CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Search combine with context

Contextual helps combine search data that reveals what audiences really want, and context reveals what they are looking at.

Data directly from trusted sources

Get first-party publisher data from high-quality and high-volume, premium, and trusted sources.

Continually expanding

Get your hands on data sets that are dynamic, fresh, and refresh every 5 minutes to keep up with the changes in audience behavior.

Connect logic with signals

With Contextual’s semantic technology, look beyond single keywords and connect search data with traditional Contextual signals to grow your audience base.

Expand your geographical boundaries

There is an extended world of search data that goes beyond geographical boundaries. Explore the world from over 30B+ searches, 2.5B+ devices, and over 1M+ websites.

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