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When it comes to marketing, the ultimate truth is search data. With Contextual’s range of search intelligence tools, you can look at gathering, connecting, and classifying billions of real-time data in over 2 billion devices globally. You can easily convert raw, fully-consented search data into actionable, brand-new audiences for your brand. The search intelligence tools also offer you extraordinary insights and superior-grade advertiser’s products to take your marketing game a notch higher!

At Contextual, this is what we call the future of marketing!

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  • Profiles

  • Interests

  • Moments

  • Custom Classification Reimagined has re-engineered contextual to meet the challenges our industry is facing today. By going deeper into understanding how each unique impression behaves and looking for patterns and performance in real time - we can drive real performance gains without relying on audience data. Optimization Engine Optimization Engine takes in the entirety of the advertising opportunity, including signals that are Situational, Topical, Attention-based, Environmental, and is not dependent on cookies or user IDs. We collect hundreds of signals per second to increase the value of addressable and non-addressable inventory. campaigns on average show 80%+ cost-adjusted KPI lift

Real-time Optimization

Machine learning tech that's already built into the marketplace. Our predictive analytics optimize toward your KPI without you doing any extra work.

  • Consistently improves advertiser KPIs
  • Focuses on the value of the ad inventory, not the origin of the audience
  • Automatically discovers & prioritizes inventory for advertisers based on KPIs

Unique Data Set

Contextual Optimization Engine picks up on swipes, scrolls, expands, touches, tilts, and other signals to train our unique AI algorithms. We capture these combinations of gestures as fluidly as they are happening in real-time, along with everything else that’s happening on the page.

Superior and Unrestricted

Contextual’s Cookieless Search Intelligence is an independent force of trusted search, coherently fused with leading technologies across various industries. It allows room to activate search intelligence across the open web — and it’s completely unrestricted!

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